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How To Make Your Waxing Painless

By Rima Chowdhury
In Beauty & Fashion
May 17, 2016

Waxing is one of the most important part of every woman’s life because it is one of the necessary things that woman needs to do in order to get rid of the facial hairs on hands, legs and underarms. Waxing can be really painful if this is for the first time but even after that it is equally painful because the wax straps pull the hair which can give you the oouch moment.

How To Make Your Waxing Painless

How To Make Your Waxing Painless

If you often went through pain while waxing, here are some tips to make your waxing a painless one.

  1. Consult a expert

You should always get your wax done through a expert or a professional who has been dealing with waxing through many years. You should not give a try to anyone who claims to be the best person to wax your hands and legs instead you should always follow the person who you have got waxed before.


  1. Allow the wax to cool down

Although you are getting the wax done by expert, you should make sure that the wax has cooled down. If your expert feels the wax has cooled down and you think it may be hot on your skin and may lead to burns, you should speak to her about this.


  1. Use of baby powder

If your expert does not, you should ask her to use baby powder because baby powder helps to make your hair roots soft which becomes easy to pull out using the wax strip. Application of baby powder before you start waxing is must because it helps to make the waxing easier and simpler.


  1. Numbing cream

The numbing cream really works and this is only for those who have a really tough time while waxing. Generally, if baby powder does not work and only then you should proceed with the numbing cream because it helps to make the process of waxing easy. Generally application of numbing cream is as equal to getting a injection that takes away the sensitivity of skin.


  1. Do not apply moisturiser

You should never apply moisturiser and then go for waxing because moisturiser settles your hair back and this becomes very difficult to pull them easily. No matter what wax you are using, using a moisturiser before waxing can make the process gross and a messy one. Instead apply some baby powder as that will help to numb the roots of hair follicles.

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