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Hair loss Best Treatment Restoration

By Rima Chowdhury
In Beauty & Fashion
May 10, 2017

Trying to re-grow your hair is possible but it is not as simple as applying relevant medication. There are lots of hair loss products in the market which claim to treat hair loss. Lots of, if not all, have some types of side effects like itchy scalp, pain, scalp irritation, and vomiting. In addition to side effects, cruel chemicals in hair loss products can also contribute to hair loss.

Hair loss Best Treatment Restoration

Hair loss Best Treatment Restoration

Here are some general factors that result in temporary hair loss:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Medications
  • Sickness
  • Emotional and physical pressure
  • Diet
  • Usages of poor quality hair products

Simple solutions

Here are some simple solutions which are easy, affordable and effective.

Coconut products

Coconut products are used since ages to manage hair. Be it coconut milk or coconut pulp ground or coconut oil, all are said to be best hair care products. Being natural products one need not worry about the side effects of it and can use them confidently.


Like coconut, garlic too has high sulphur content. This is the reason why it is used to treat hair loss problems. Garlic has plenty of benefits and aids in controlling hair loss and regenerating lost hair.

Egg Mask

Egg mask is one of the most successful home remedies for hair fall. Healing properties of the egg white work well to fill and return the softness of the hair. It is the most amazing mask you can make use of to make your hair thick and long. Crack two eggs, remove the yolk and use the egg white mask on your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. Hair will look shinier and recovers instantly. If used often, it will assist in the faster growth of hair.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil fights the free radicals. It assists to boost oxygen in the body and raise the blood circulation in the scalp. Rub down your scalp with oil and leave it overnight. Wash it off with a shampoo the following day to get silky smooth hair.

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