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Different Types Of Bra Every Girl Must Have

By Rima Chowdhury
In Beauty & Fashion
May 18, 2016

Bra is the most essential part in every woman’s life and she cannot live without it even for a day. There are various ways to know the best bra that suites you and your size. Choosing the right size of your bra is extremely important because wearing wrong size of bra can lead to breast cancer. So, here are different types of bra every girl must have.

Different Types Of Bra Every Girl Must Have

Different Types Of Bra Every Girl Must Have

Different Types Of Bra Every Girl Must Have

  1. Demi bra

    Demi bra

Demi bra is a partially cut off bra that fits your breast perfectly but does not covers them completely. Your breast tends to look fuller and big in demi bra and this is one of the bra that is gaining its popularity rapidly. Demi bra is generally worn by girls who are not blessed with good size of breast and they want to make their breast look big and fuller.


Sports bra

Sports bra

  1. Sports bra

You should wear sports bra if you often go for workouts and want to breast to breathe comfortably. If you have too big breast, sports bra is not for you as sports bra generally can support to girls who are just starters or are not blessed with good size.


  1. Backless bra

Backless bra is one among the important types of bra every girl must have. Backless bra is generally for those who wear backless and off shoulder dresses. Generally backless bra can be converted into strapless bra and this is one of the best things about it.

Backless bra

Backless bra

  1. Strapless bra

Staples bra gives good support to your breast and also the cups perfectly fits into your breast. The important thing to consider about strapless bra is about the size, you should know the perfect size so that it does not makes you fear about dragging down. You should change staples bra after 3-4 months.


  1. Statement bra

Statement bra is generally for those who wear too much of backless dress and don’t wish you show off their back. There are different types of statement bra available in the market that can help to make your back look sexy. The patterns those are available in backless are really good that will make your eye pop.


  1. Nude bra

Nude bra must be one of the necessary accessory that every woman must have because this helps to avoid the color of your bra getting highlighted off the dress. Nude bra is generally worn under dresses where there are chances of your bra color to get reflected.

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